The key to looking great everyday is simple –
know your body shape so you know what clothes look great on you.
That is why we at ForMe create pieces that are not only stylish,
but are flattering as well, with pieces designed
to suit women’s different body shapes.

We love to make dressing up – in an effortlessly chic way – a happy experience for the stylish modern woman.

So first, you need to know which of these 4 body shapes you fall into:


    Your shoulders and bust are well-proportioned with your hips and thighsand you have a defined waist. Imagine yourself as a modern-day Marilyn Monroe if you possess this shape.


    You have shoulders and a bust area that is wider than your hips and thighs. Most catwalk models sport this body shape, which usually comes with nice lean legs.


    Your shoulders and bust are proportioned with your hips and thighs, but your waist lacks definition. If you’re lucky to have this shape, you can enjoy having a balanced looking figure even if you gain or lose weight.


    You have wide hips and thighs, narrow shoulders and a small bust. The best reason to be happy with a triangular-shaped body is that it means having great bottom curves.